A share purchase agreement is the agreement that two parties (the company or shareholders and buyers) sign when buying or selling shares of a company. 7 min reading time 4.15. Contracts. The Company has complied with all the terms and conditions of the material contracts to which it is a party in all material respects and has not taken or carried out any action that would invalidate or infringe its rights under a material contract. To the company`s knowledge, there is no claim or claim that the company has breached, breached or breached any important contract in any respect. True, correct and complete copies of all material contracts have been delivered to the buyer. This is a simple question in a stock market transaction. Quite simply, stock is what is sold. The SPA should also consider whether assets (such as cash or non-professional personal items) can be withdrawn by the seller prior to closing. If the buyer also buys a property from an affiliated company, this must be indicated in the SPA or in an associated real estate purchase agreement.

For example, if you and two business partners are all equally involved in a business and a partner wants to resign, a share purchase agreement can be used to buy the moving partner`s shares. This definition is included in the `Non-compete obligation` section of the agreement. A lawyer can help adjust the definition of the company`s activities so that the “non-competition clause” section works to prohibit applicable conduct. 2.2. Purchase price. The total purchase price payable to Seller for the sale of the Shares (the “Purchase Price”) will be equal to an amount equal to __ dollars (___ or ___ dollars (_____ dollars) per share.