It is similar to the practical training that the trainee would receive in school. The extent to which the internship offers training similar to that provided in an educational environment, including clinical and other training provided by educational institutions. 2.2. Other responsibilities may be added at any time by appointment between the company and the intern and the university. “confidential information” means information and physical material that is not known to all or is not available outside the company, as well as information and physical material that is confidentially entrusted to the company by third parties. In summary, your internship program should be set up as an educational experience. 1.4. This agreement is concluded as part of the training of the SPECIFY EDUCATION trainee, and during the internship period, the NUMBER trainee receives ETCS credits. It is linked to the trainee`s diploma (e.g.B. or solvent or part of a course). The extent to which the internship is linked to the trainee`s formal training program through integrated studies or by obtaining academic credits. Have the interns confirm that the internship is unpaid and that no paid employment is waiting for the end. Effective Date: Your internship starts on the start date and ends on the end date.

Initially, internships are work experiences offered by a company or organization. They are supposed to be educational experiences that played out in the real world. .