Contract research is conducted when synthetic information is limited or not available. The customer demands that we decide the best way to synthesize. Exclusive chemistry staff will conduct literary research on targeted links and relevant synthetic methods. Our company can conduct preliminary tests to determine feasibility. If we agree to continue the project, a research contract must be signed. All the IPs we can generate at your request when running custom synthesis services are at your service. We necessarily have a number of contract models such as CDA (Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement), MSA (Master Service Agreement) and PSA (Project Service Agreement). We work together to help you file a patent application or prepare a publication. The final report, consisting of synthesis methods and analytical data (LCMS and NMR), will be presented at the end of the synthesis service. If you need help finding the right provider or if you still have any questions, please contact us and send us your request.

ChiroBlock has forged strong partnerships with other specialists working at different stages of product development (for example, manufacturers. B, enzyme specialists, computer chemistry, API synthesis, etc.). In this strong category of excellence, we find the right partner for you if such external know-how is needed and if your requirements exceed ChiroBlock`s powerful capabilities. One or more chemists are assigned to the project full-time. The progress of the work is communicated at regular intervals, usually in weekly or monthly written reports. Intermediate compound samples are available on request at each stage of synthesis. The project can be stopped at any time. Most clients outsource their chemical synthesis tasks to save time, costs and resources, as well as additional external scientific and technological inputs. Clients who do not have their own resources must logically rely on external resources and know-how to carry out their projects. Not at all. This service does not usually depend on a single sector and is not aimed at one type of customer.

While some CCROs are specifically designed to serve pharmaceutical companies, the nature of this service is not very different from one customer sector to another. As CCROs help make new molecules (in a better way), anyone looking for new molecules is a potential customer of this service industry. Pharmaceutical service providers often add a few specific pharma-pharmas functions, such as determining toxicological or metabolic profiles, but this goes beyond the core of this activity. Whether you`re a small biotech start-up, a polymer developer, a cosmetics specialist or a large specialty chemical production company, outsourcing chemical research and synthesis helps you improve your product development.