Project financing supply contracts are contracts between the project company and major suppliers of raw materials, raw materials or fuels. Supply agreements guarantee by contract that the volume of project delivery can be increased or reduced. based on the production produced by the project and sold to an offtaker. In addition, we have tremendous experience in producing project documents, as our project team has much more project financing experience than any other participant in the transaction. If something has been documented in project funding, we have probably seen, understood and understood its impact on the project. Concession documents are project financing documents prepared by and between the project company and the public body that has the project`s allocation and approval authority. Concession contracts grant the use of public assets, such as the . B of a land, road or bridge with the project company, for a specified period of time, depending on the conditions set. EPC contracts and turnkey contracts are similar, but they are not interchangeable.

In addition to all the construction risks and responsibilities that the contractor develops in turnkey contracts, all risks related to planning, engineering and contracting are transferred to the contractor for the most part of all the purposes of the EPC contracts. Learn more about EPC contracts in project documents. Our Services Finance Project provides clients with benefits that are not possible with other financings. We are able to obtain huge amounts of long-term capital and non-contentious or restricted debt, so that we can finance large projects while protecting our clients` balance sheets. While there are many types of work contracts used to finance projects, the majority of proponents and all project lenders prefer turnkey contracts. Turnkey contracts are based on the idea that if construction is completed, all you have to do is turn the key. The preparation and negotiation of project funding documents is a smart solution to many problems that will never arise. This provision generally provides the best possible results for all parties involved for a number of reasons. However, offtake agreements take on much more weight than most project documents, as they provide the financial assurances that lenders need to validate your cash flow forecasts and that every project lender in the world depends for this reason on offtake agreements. Where the financing of the project involves a mezzanine financing element, the Intercreditor Agreement establishes subordination conditions and other principles to be applied between priority debtors and mezzanine bond providers.