We may also collect fees and fees to be paid by the buyer, which will be disclosed to the buyer during the purchase process. As a seller, you accept that AXS receives and reserves payments related to these fees and fees from the buyer, and you acknowledge that you will not be entitled to such fees and fees. Costs and fees, including, but not limited, delivery fees, convenience, handling, processing, shipping, delivery (including, but not limited to, mail delivery fees) and all other fees we have assessed represent, among other things, the fees we are charging when providing our goods and services. The fees and royalties we assess may be higher than our actual costs for providing these services, and we may retain a portion of all fees and royalties as a profit. All purchases, including face value and related fees, are non-refundable. Without limiting other remedies available to us legally or in equity, we may, after confirming that you have violated a provision of this Agreement or the agreements mentioned in this Agreement, cancel without notice any outstanding transaction, charge you the sale costs associated with the cancelled transaction and restrict or deny your access to our websites and services. , including all services we offer through channels other than the Internet. By purchasing or accepting tickets for an event or other article about the Service, you declare yourself bound by the terms and conditions of our client and the location of the event. Links to event and event conditions specific to such events or venues may be included in your confirmation of purchase, ticket delivery or event reminders, or made available in any event and event area on our service or made available on the customer`s website. We advise you to check the terms and conditions and other rules for each event and place for which you have tickets.

Holder also understands that during an event, the licensee assumes and bears all risks associated with force majeure events (including injury or cancellation) without prejudice to the weather or force majeure incident. During the event, strobe or theatrical lighting can be used. The date of the event, time, talent, participants and service tables may be changed without notice. Your tickets are available online, by mail or for pickup at the evening checkout, as indicated at the time of purchase. Some events may have limited delivery options and late delivery windows (z.B. tickets can only be delivered 10 days before the event). Shipping information, if available, is provided at the cash register. Tickets sent are sent to the address indicated by the buyer at the time of purchase. AXS is not responsible for the failure to deliver or lose as a result of a buyer`s failure to provide a specific address. There is no shipping fee for purchased rights. As far as the merchandise is concerned, the amount of tax varies depending on the merchandise you buy and the type of delivery you choose to get your property.

All information you provide about your purchase through the service (including your name, address, credit card number and other identifying information) must be accurate, up-to-date and complete. You understand that you must comply with all applicable laws regarding the sale or purchase of tickets for entertainment events (including resale restrictions) that may be subject to laws, regulations or regulations of the state, counties or municipalities. If you decide to purchase rights or goods, you agree to pay, in addition to the price of fees or goods, other fees and taxes we collect, such as invoices, processing fees, shipping and processing fees and other fees. AXS has signed a multi-year contract with the Calgary Stampede, the annual rodeo, u