Human rights legislation across Canada allows Canadians to discriminate in certain circumstances. Christian organizations may require their employees to respect a collective life agreement or code of conduct consistent with their religious beliefs and practices. The organization must demonstrate that this is a “favourable occupational requirement.” I will use the Ontario Human Rights Code as an example of how it works. The general principles would apply in similar legislation across the country: as soon as this Canada-Summer Employment application, if approved by Service Canada, will be part of the agreement between you and the Government of Canada. The organization is then submitted to the Summer Canada Agreement Articles of Agreement. As part of this agreement, the organization agrees to provide the position at hourly wages, for the number of hours per week and the number of weeks described in the calculation of the amount of the report for the amount of the contribution for the approved Canadian summer employment. This document is included in the approval package. The filing of an application does not constitute an agreement. A formal agreement between the organization and the Government of Canada exists only when an application has been approved and a Service Canada agreement has been signed. It is important that you read the candidates` guide and the articles of the agreement in their entirety before signing the application. The conditions under which advances can be granted are described in Section 6 of the Canada Summer Jobs Articles of Agreement.

The maximum advance that can be obtained is 75% of the total value of the agreement. However, since applicants are no longer required to certify their consent to government ideology on abortion and sexual matters, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities encourages all Christian charities to apply for funding. 16.1 Recruitment, management, monitoring and control of the project are the employer`s exclusive and absolute responsibility. The employer has no right to make a commitment, agreement or contract on behalf of Canada. This agreement is only a financing contract, a service contract or a service contract or an employment contract. Canada`s liability is limited to the employer`s financial assistance for eligible expenses. The parties state that nothing in this agreement should be construed as the creation of a partnership, a worker-employer or an agency relationship between them. The employer must not present itself as a representative, worker or partner of Canada. If your application is approved, the signed agreement that will be returned to you will be a legally binding agreement with the Canadian government and all payments issued will be made under the name of your own name. Please note that payments are only made with the first 44 signs of the legal name. 34.1 The employer guarantees that its representatives affected in this agreement will have the authority to enter into an agreement on its behalf and undertakes to provide Canada with proof that Canada can reasonably require.