B. If you do not pay in a timely manner, we will notify you in writing, and if you still do not pay for 10 days after this notification, we may terminate this contract. 1) The client undertakes to require the service provider to provide the customer with services consisting of PERSONAL COMPUTER and/or NETWORK MAINTENANCE, CLEANING, AND REPAIR SERVICES of services other than the customer and service provider may be suitable from time to time (the “services” and the service provider agrees to provide services to the customer. You may require from time to time that [maintenance companies] provide other services that are not included in the service plan for devices described in a specific equipment plan or for which no equipment plan has been finalized. [Maintenance Company] will make reasonable efforts to offer such a service at 90% of its current and standard hourly rates. A. This agreement and the equipment plan are the whole agreement between the parties regarding any service provided by [Maintenance Company] to the customer, and no insurance, inducement, promise, promise or agreement that is not embodied in it has no strength or effect. For the costs listed below, [Maintenance Company] will periodically check the devices listed in this device plan and keep them in good working order. The inspection and maintenance of the equipment depends on the type of equipment and is defined in the equipment plan.

The seller offers maintenance and repair contracts by instrument under the following conditions. The buyer may purchase maintenance and repair services (“services”) from the seller for one or more instruments identified in an order (“Covered Product”). The seller`s offer to sell the services to the buyer is expressly limited to the buyer`s acceptance of the following terms and conditions. One of the following conditions is the buyer`s full acceptance of these conditions: subject to the conditions set out in them, the seller will make reasonable economic efforts to provide the buyer with the following services for the covered product: diagnosis and repair or malfunction resulting from the seller`s material and processing errors and which can be attributed to the seller. 3) THE service provider undertakes to use and repair the customer`s commercial computer on the site listed in this contract, if the customer .b, if necessary, request to respond to a service call request in four physically or remote shipments (4) hours of service .c) The service provider also undertakes to provide preventative maintenance services in customer workplaces and servers that are twelve (12) times per year of the duration of this contract.d) Compensation for computer maintenance and maintenance is limited to the cost of labour. If parts or upgrades are required to complete the repair at any given time, the customer has the right to purchase the parts or update them from another source, as recommended by the service provider, if he wishes. The limitation of liability and the guarantee of these parts or upgrades are the responsibility of the Customer if it is purchased by an external source and should not be imposed under any circumstances on the service provider.e) Both parties agree to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the terms of this Agreement come into force.