This term is often found in the terms and conditions of contracts or websites of retailers and suppliers that offer goods or services that you can buy remotely. The legal cooling-off period that a seller has to offer them is 14 days (although you check the CGVs if they have given you more time, as many companies want to do so). The secure delivery date will be when the 14-day cooling-off period begins – even if you can`t get your goods from your neighbor until three days later. If you went to the store or the company`s premises to organize the service, you will not have this cooling-off period. You can do this by sending a letter, email or phone. We advise you to send an email, especially if you are just before the end of the 14-day period, as this is the easiest way to have a written record. Their right to consume a cooling-off period for goods and services purchased remotely stems from the regulation on consumer contracts. Cooling periods do not apply to purchases or services purchased by an individual. If you enter into a contract, certain conditions may apply. For example, certain general conditions are a minimum term of the contract (for example.

B 12 months) and a fee if you wish to terminate the contract prematurely. When you sign up, you accept these terms and conditions, so it is in your best interest to read, understand and be satisfied. Like California, Texas does not have the legal right to terminate a contract or make a purchase because you change your mind. In some concrete cases, state law grants a cooling-off period called the “right of withdrawal.” All transactions that are not made at the seller`s place of business are subject to the three-day right of withdrawal. This means that when a consumer buys something from a door-to-door vendor, in a convention centre or from a booth in a hotel conference room, that law applies. However, it does not apply to purchases worth $25 or transactions in which a person acquires insurance. If you paid in advance or made a deposit and canceled during the cooling-off period, you are entitled to all the money.